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Welcome to The Age of Monsters

You are denizens of the kingdom of Ellandria, a magical kingdom rife with beautiful princesses, glittering crystal castles, and many an order of proud knight, standing tall in their gleaming armor astride white horses, ready to defend their people against all forces of darkness!

But… you don’t live in the expansive cities, enjoying the fine dining of the ‘civilized’ races.

You don’t enjoy the protection of the massive, well-trained armies of Ellandria’s finest.

Why? Because you’re a monster. At least, that’s what THEY say. Mostly, you just keep to yourself, and mind your own business, doing what you have to do to make it from day to day. Except for when those blasted adventurers come through to “clean up,” usually murdering your friends, stealing the goods you’ve saved for MONTHS to afford, all high-fiving each other like they’ve done some good deed by swooping in and ‘defeating the foul denizens of the dark!’

Well, now you’ve had enough. The adventurers have pulled the final straw, and you’ve had it. It’s time that somebody stand up for the wrong that’s been done to you and yours, so why shouldn’t that person be you? They can’t keep treating you like you’re mindless meat-sacks of experience! It’s time for a new era to be ushered in, where a creature is respected for their merit, not by what race they happen to be. It’s time for…

Home Page

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